"Read it. Negotiate it."

Because it's never "just a contract."

Contracts Mean Business

Contracts are an integral and absolutely necessary part of running a business. Thomas O’Donohue, PLLC has practical, hands on experience drafting, interpreting, explaining, and negotiating business critical contracts for:
Business Purchase and Sales
Business Separation
Cloud Computing Services
Codes of Ethics
Corporate By-Laws
Customer Sales and Service
Employee Confidentiality and Inventions
Employee Placement Agency
Employee Policy Manuals
Employment Offer Letter
Employment Separation/Severance
Health Care Business Associate (BAA)
Incentive Plans
Independent Contractor
Intellectual Property Licensing
Invention Assignment
Joint Venture
Leases (Real Estate/ Business Equipment)
Letter of Intent
Liability Releases
LLC Operating Agreements
Managed Services
Master Services Agreements
Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality (NDA/CDA)
Non-Profit Bylaws
Notes and Payment
Partner Buy-Sell Agreements
Patent Licensing
Postnuptial Agreements
Power of Attorney
Prenuptial Agreements
Purchase & Sale (Business / Property)
Release of Claims
Research and Development
SAAS Agreements
Sales Agency / Sales Representative
Sales Compensation
Software Development
Software Licensing
Stock Purchase
Stock Restrictions
Subscription Services
Temporary Labor
Term Sheet
Vendor Agreements
Website Terms of Use

Always understand what you are signing. Contracts create private law that is enforceable by the courts.

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Business Contracts require a meeting of the minds

Contracts require a meeting of the minds.

Starting a Business

Starting a business?

Two thirds of entrepreneurs who start their single member LLC businesses using that cheap internet service end up spending substantially more than that on “optional services.” For about the same total fee, Thomas O’Donohue PLLC will form your Massachusetts or New Hampshire LLC and also provide a consultation on the business practice essentials for ensuring that your liability is limited.

Unlike that internet program, we will help you decide with confidence whether the LLC form (or a different entity form and structure) suits your personal goals.

Starting a Business can be enjoyableWe then remain available to help you draft the appropriate governance paper work (shareholder and partnership agreements, buy-sell agreements, by-laws, LLC Operating Agreements and the like) to ensure that your business operates in the manner you want it to.

And once you are ready to hire that first employee, feel welcome to call on us for assistance with your employee hiring, retention, and separation policies, including development of Employee Policy Manuals, Benefit documents, and Employment Contracts.

Business Contracts

Drafting “Let’s Do Business” Contracts

Within our business contracts practice area, Thomas O’Donohue PLLC is committed to creating precise and personalized contracts. Prior to drafting or reviewing a contract, we will take the time to learn about your objectives in signing the contract. We understand that any ambiguity or overlooked item could lead to a weak contract that fails to protect your interests. We craft contracts with care and clarity to ensure their effectiveness.

Business Contracts happen 24 hours a day on the streets of major citiesThen, keeping your business in mind, we seek to ensure that your contracts accurately reflect the business relationship. We know that there will be negotiation. Therefore, we strive to arm you with the knowledge to make the contracting process an opportunity to stimulate productive and loyal business relationships.

Anyone can draft one-sided business contracts. Those agreements may or may not protect your interests. They may also rob you of opportunities. And, they can destroy relationships. Business contracts do not need to offend prospects. They need not alienate employees. At Thomas O’Donohue PLLC, we keep the health of your business in mind. We prefer to help you craft enforceable “let’s do business contracts,” contracts that make the contracting process an opportunity for you to stimulate productive and loyal business relationships.

It is your business. Your business relationships are important to you. Hire a trusted lawyer who understands that.

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Contract Disputes and Breaches

Our goals are simple. They include ensuring that your interests are protected, that you get what you bargained for, and that you have self-help and other adequate remedies available if things go wrong. If you need to bring a breach of contract claim or you have become involved in a contract dispute, we can pursue a resolution. We are skilled at reaching resolutions out of court through negotiation and other means, but are prepared to assist you in taking litigation as far as necessary. If you need to breach a contract or answer a breach of contract claim, a call to us can proactively help you improve your outcome. No two problems are alike, so the strategy we pursue will ultimately be tailored to your situation.

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