Company Policies

If your business has employees, you may benefit from an “audit” of your personnel and payroll practices and your company policies.

Our attorneys can work with you to build and maintain a comprehensive set of employer policies that work for your business and that comply with government regulation including policies governing:

  • Employee Policies LawyerHiring Processes and Background Checks,
  • At-Will Employment, Performance Evaluations, Promotions,
  • Incentive Compensation Payment (Commissions and Bonuses),
  • Discipline, Dispute Resolution, and Employment Termination,
  • Introductory Period of Employment, Outside Employment,
  • Employee Benefits, Salary, Wages, Overtime, and Commission Compensation
  • Attendance and Punctuality, Availability, Sick Time, and Paid Time Off (Vacation, Holidays, Bereavement),
  • Automobile, Computer and Cell Phone Use,
  • Workers Compensation and Safety, Sexual Harassment,
  • Health and Wellness, Dress Code, Smoking, and Positive Company Environment,
  • Customer Relations, Client and Company Confidentiality,
  • Inventions and Innovations,
  • Use of Communication Systems, Social Media and Email,
  • Safe-Keeping of Personnel Records, Salary Administration, and Reasonable Accommodation.

If you ever have to let an employee go, we can help you prepare an appropriate severance agreement. Thomas O’Donohue PLLC, as your employment lawyer, is also ready, willing, and able to help you develop well-managed, clear, consistent, disciplined, discharge policies, reducing the likelihood of technical fault on your part, and ensuring that non-deserving former employees do not profit at your expense.

An initial consultation to discuss any of these employment or unemployment matters is available to you. All you need to do is call or submit the Consultation Request form.