Contract Review and Negotiation

Contract Review

Thomas O’Donohue, PLLC offers a contract review service to help clients recognize the risks and benefits of signing a contract. Whether you are signing a lease, a note, a severance letter, a prenup, or any other document, it is never “just a contract.”

Contracts create private law that is enforceable by the courts. You cannot just walk away from the deal you have made. So, whenever somebody hands you a document for your signature, it is wise to read and understand it. Chances are very good that there is a clause in there saying that you did. That clause will also say that you agree that the writing represents every aspect of the business deal. Once you sign that, only the writing matters. Everything you discussed prior to the signing is irrelevant. If you are not certain that you fully understand every clause, you may want to request a contract review. We will describe to you the obligations that the agreement places on you. We will also identify rights that you may be giving up by signing. And, we will help you see any other identifiable risks.
Scenic-81 Contract Review and Negotiation

Contract Negotiation

Contracts are seldom a take it or leave it proposition. Contracts can be negotiated. Armed with an understanding of the contract’s meaning based on our contract review, you are in a better position to negotiate with the other party and have any unfavorable provisions modified or deleted. If the contract is a lengthy one wherein you would make a long term commitment, you may want to consider asking us to negotiate the agreement for you. Before talking to the other side, we will work with you to understand your requirements. We will adamantly and strongly represent your interests, and we will never commit you to anything more than your consideration of any proposed compromises.