Contracts Mean Business

Contracts are an integral and absolutely necessary part of running a business. Thomas O’Donohue, PLLC has practical, hands on experience drafting, interpreting, explaining, and negotiating business critical contracts for:
Business Purchase and Sales
Business Separation
Cloud Computing Services
Codes of Ethics
Corporate By-Laws
Customer Sales and Service
Employee Confidentiality and Inventions
Employee Placement Agency
Employee Policy Manuals
Employment Offer Letter
Employment Separation/Severance
Health Care Business Associate (BAA)
Incentive Plans
Independent Contractor
Intellectual Property Licensing
Invention Assignment
Joint Venture
Leases (Real Estate/ Business Equipment)
Letter of Intent
Liability Releases
LLC Operating Agreements
Managed Services
Master Services Agreements
Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality (NDA/CDA)
Non-Profit Bylaws
Notes and Payment
Partner Buy-Sell Agreements
Patent Licensing
Postnuptial Agreements
Power of Attorney
Prenuptial Agreements
Purchase & Sale (Business / Property)
Release of Claims
Research and Development
SAAS Agreements
Sales Agency / Sales Representative
Sales Compensation
Software Development
Software Licensing
Stock Purchase
Stock Restrictions
Subscription Services
Temporary Labor
Term Sheet
Vendor Agreements
Website Terms of Use

Always understand what you are signing. Contracts create private law that is enforceable by the courts.

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Business Contracts require a meeting of the minds

Contracts require a meeting of the minds.