Management and Executive Job Loss

To help accomplished individuals who face the loss of salary, bonuses, benefits, negotiated severance pay, or stock options, Thomas O’Donohue PLLC offers its skills in mitigating the effects of manager and executive job loss.

Wage and contract laws protect all employees, including managers and executives, when employers act arbitrarily, capriciously, fraudulently, and in bad faith. Examples include:

  • Executive Job Loss does not mean you cannot enjoy lifeyour employer illegally discriminating against you;
  • your employer retaliating against you or harassing you by intentionally undermining your effectiveness or otherwise causing you emotional distress;
  • your employer terminating your employment shortly before you met all qualifications to receive a bonus (for example, being employed on the day that bonuses were paid);
  • you signed an employment contract excusing the company from paying you severance when you were terminated “for cause” and it seems to you that the company did not have just cause for releasing you;
  • you sold your business to a company that offered you a job and stock or severance as part of the transaction, and then they terminated you without adequately granting either.

If your management or executive job loss situation is in any way similar to any of those scenarios, then we may be able to help you receive the compensation to which you are entitled. Call our office or fill out the contact form in the sidebar to begin the conversation.

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