Severance Agreement Review

Our severance agreement review service works like this:

Where is that Severance Agreement taking you?Upon receipt of the low fixed fee and the contract in question (often labeled: Employment Separation Agreement or Severance Agreement), an Attorney will examine the contract and then confer with you by telephone or at our office for up to 30 minutes to review our findings and suggestions regarding what you are giving up and the risks you take in signing the agreement. The elements considered include those such as:

  1. Waivers and Releases of Claims,
  2. The likely impact of the agreement on a prospective claim for Unemployment Benefits,
  3. Characterization of the reason for employment termination,
  4. Mutuality,
  5. References,
  6. Future Cooperation,
  7. Non-Competition, Non-Disclosure, Non-Solicitation Concerns,
  8. Confidentiality Requirements,
  9. Possible Impact of Prior Documents,
  10. Personal Property and Company Property,
  11. Re-employment Possibilities,
  12. Professional Liability Concerns, where applicable,
  13. Contingencies,
  14. Breach Provisions, and
  15. General information, if any, that the Attorney deems worthy of notice.

The fixed fee pertains to contracts of 6 pages or less.